Stowaway 52 Cardventures (Ready to Ship)

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You’ve sneaked aboard an alien ship that’s about to attack Earth and it’s up to you to stop it! Set a course for sabotage with this unique “Cardventure” – an interactive story that puts you at the controls. Do you reprogram the flight computer, or do you destroy the engine room? Do you grab that key card, or head for the escape pods? Choose wisely – your fate depends on the path you pick! Whether you play solo or with a friend, the goal is the same: Find the path that uses the entire deck and save the Earth!

In more detail, Stowaway 52 is a choose-your-path book in a deck of cards. You can start your adventure on any card, and on each card the choice you make tells you which card to go to next. Your goal is to find the path through the adventure that visits all 52 cards. The first edition of Stowaway 52 contains five game modes:

Too Many Stowaways: Two to five players chase each other around the ship, trying not to get caught!
Two Stowaways: A two-player race through the ship to get the highest score.
One Stowaway: A solitaire adventure in which you try to cross the entire deck.
Stowaway Rummy: A rummy variant using story segments as melds for up to four players.
Alien Treasure Hunting: A two-player game in which one player hides treasures and the other player tries to find the best one.

Players: 1 to 5
Ages: 8 and up
Duration: 45 mins
Difficulty: 1 out of 5


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