Furry Foodies

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In Furry Foodies you are a hungry cat sneaking snacks, while the humans in the house aren’t looking. With a little cunning and the bat of a cat paw, you will push plates out of the grid to collect them. But beware of broken plates, you might attract the attention of those clueless humans.

Collect sets or runs of a variety of foods to score points. It is the number on the plates in the group that scores and not the rank on any given dish. The player with the highest score wins.

We’re just here for the food!

It’s always mealtime for these mischievous kittens! In this light strategy game, act as your favorite feline and snatch as much food as you can by pushing plates off the edge of the table. Food on the floor boosts your score! The cat with the most plate sets and sequences gets the delicious win.

How will your hunger add up? Start sneaking snacks to be the fullest cat in FURRY FOODIES!

• 6 Cat Movers and 4 bases
• 4 Double-Sided reference cards
• 64 Food Tiles numbered 1-8
• 2 “Wild” Food Tiles
• 15 Broken Plate Tiles
• 7 +1 Move Tiles

Players: 2 to 4
Ages: 8 and up
Duration: 15 mins


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