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Kameleo is primarily a solitaire logic puzzle. It includes sixty challenge cards and sixteen insect tokens, four each of four types. To complete a challenge, you lay out the insects as shown on the challenge card, then place the chameleon token adjacent to one edge of the grid. A move consists of eating (i.e., flipping face down) all the insects of one type in the row/column next to the chameleon, then advancing the chameleon clockwise around the perimeter as many spaces as the number of insects you just ate. If you land on a row/column with no uneaten insects — yet insects remain elsewhere in the layout — then you’ve lost the challenge; if you eat all the insects, you win. Kameleo can also be played as a two-player game. Lay out the insects on a challenge card, then the first player chooses where to place the chameleon token. Players take turns eating a type of insect and moving the chameleon. Whoever can’t eat on their turn loses the round, and whoever first loses three rounds loses the game.


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