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The story thus far…

Our adventure begins in the sleepy town of Saltmarsh in the Kingdom of Keoland where a spate of robberies on the surrounding roads has caused great concern for the locals and the town council.

Our adventures witnessed how swift justice can be first-hand when the town council summarily executed a group of bandits after they are robbed and murdered a poor merchant travelling to the town from the north. Their corpses now hang from posts to the north of the town along the trade road to Burle and the inner kingdom.

Approached by members of the town council, the adventurers were given the task of finding where the bandits were hiding and bringing back that location so that the town guard could apprehend the rest of these vile criminals.

And thus our adventurers departed on steeds loaned to them by the town guard and the noble Guard Captain, Eliander Fireborn. Among them was a tiefling sorcerer named Zherxes Szereban , recently discharged from the service of the local mage, Keledek. An immensely tall furbolg warrior named Beiro, friend to the local druid Ferrin Kastilar. The sea elf named Orcas Mozamith, a local folk hero and ally of the young Anders Solmor, scion of a wealthy merchant house.

The wise dwarven monk Carolus Shatterfury, martial artist of the Order of the Olive Dragon Turtle, recently come to Saltmarsh to teach self-defense to her citizens. A tabaxi bard carrying a large sword rounded out the group, seeking the protection of a patron of the arts.

Making their way to the scene of the crime, they quickly found unusual signs of movement in the vicinity. Following this trail, they came to a somewhat wooded area in the nearby foothills, and wooden palisade sheltering the entrance to a cave. A rustling in the trees alerted the somewhat perceptive adventurers to the presence of the bandits, bows held ready and eyes scanning the woods.

Alas, the bandits did not spot the group until it was too late! Battle was joined and our adventurers found themselves hard pressed on all sides by men armed with bows, crossbows and swords. Defying all odds, they claimed victory over the bandits, but as the the dust settled they realized that one of their companions lay gravely wounded on the ground; a caualty of this battle that could not be avoided. Orcas, his life-blood pooling around him, could not be saved by our adventures meager skills.

After procuring a wagon from the bandit camp, our heroes laid Orcas’ body to rest upon it and went about reclaiming what they could. Several members were given secret missions by separate members of Saltmash’s town council, items that needed to be brought back at all costs and in secrecy, as the merchant that had been carrying them had been a trusted courier to many.

Digging through musty documents, a note was found describing a meeting place for the sale of stolen goods. A haunted house on cliff overlooking the Azure Sea, a handful of miles to the east of Saltmarsh. Our adventurers made haste to return this new information to the town, and to see if help could be found at the temple of Procan, the mighty sea god, for their fallen comrade.

Reporting their mixed success to the council, they received another mission. Investigate the haunted house, find out who was behind these bandits and discover all they could about their operation.

Seeking guidance from the local priest of Procan, Wellgar Brinehand, a resurrection was attempted with the aid of another young priest. But Orcas’ soul was at peace and would not consent to its his return to the mortal plane. The young priest, a man of steadfast faith and unusual features, introduced himself as Carcharias, novice cleric of Procan and friend to Orcas. Carcharias offered his services to the group, a path of vengeance before him as he seeks justice for his slain friend.

Taking barely enough time to rest and heal their wounds, the companions made there way along the eastern cliffs, their mission calling them onwards…